We Were Amazed to Get Christmas Help So Quickly

I was worried about whether I could get help with major appliance repair in Sacramento when it was just one day before Christmas. My fridge had been having some problems for awhile, and I kept putting it off because I needed to wait until after the new year to buy a new one. It was pretty old, and I figured I might have to replace it completely. Suddenly, the fridge went out on Christmas Eve. While my wife and I were debating about the situation, she noticed that items in the oven were not cooking as they should. We pulled the pan of food out and then realized that our stove was no longer working either.

My wife and I often say that we are cursed. If something can go wrong, it does. And if many things can go wrong all at once, that happens to us as well. We really do not know anyone else who has the constant problems that we go through. It seems like most people escape a lot of troubles for years, but that doesn’t happen to us. It seems that we have some sort of issue every 1-3 months without fail. We cannot figure it out, and it stress us out a lot. Each of these things typically happen at inopportune times, and having two of your appliances go out the day before Christmas can definitely be considered a bad time.

Because we had 10 family members coming over the next day, I figured I better start phoning places to see if anyone would even be interested in showing up so close to Christmas. I figured I would reach a lot of voicemail boxes. Instead, the first place picked up the phone and said someone would be right over! I could not believe it. He was true to his word and showed up quickly. I didn’t realize it, but these employees work just about every day of the year.